Hurricane Ready Trees

by | Tree Care Tips

Correct pruning is the most important part of helping trees survive hurricanes. Train young trees so they develop a sturdy, well-spaced framework of healthy branches along a dominant trunk. Maintain this form as far up into the tree as possible by reducing the length of competing stems and branches.

For trees larger than about 15 feet tall, hire a certified arborist (like Advanced Arbor!) to prune your trees before the hurricane season. The arborist will remove dead branches that can fall on houses, cars, and people. Overly long branches should be shortened and branches with cracks removed or shortened. Branches with the same diameter as the trunk will be shortened and the outer edges (not the interior) of the canopy will be thinned, making your tree less likely to be blown over. Low branches that are close to your roof should be removed or shortened, as well. Be sure to have your trees evaluated by Advanced Arbor annually.

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