Proper Tree Pruning

by | Tree Care Tips

Pruning trees selectively removes branches to provide clearance, reduce risk of breakage, or reduce size. When pruning, follow these steps, and then shred the resulting cuttings to add to the compost pile or use as mulch. (You can also toss the cuttings behind a shrub to decompose.)

Keep it healthy. Remove all dead, diseased, or injured branches.
Keep it strong. Remove or reduce the length of stems that compete with the main leader.
Keep it uniform. Remove branches that cross or touch each other and any that look out of place.
Keep it minor. You should only tackle minor pruning tasks in your landscape. Hire an arborist certified by the International Society of Arboriculture to prune trees taller than about 15 feet. Correct pruning makes trees more resistant to hurricane damage.

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